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Date de publication: 25 août 2010
Auteur: MPE
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L'IATA confirme le dynamisme du transport aérien mondial. Cette tendance vient modérer les inquiétudes sur l'activité aux USA, notamment dans l'immobilier.

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Résumé officiel :

• International air travel and air freight markets continued to expand at above trend growth rates in July;

• International RPKs were 9.2% higher than a year ago in July, air freight was 22.7% higher;

• These growth rates are lower than in June but that is due to the comparison with July last year when markets were rebounding strongly post-recession;

• The post-recession rebound in 2009 did produce the strongest growth rates, but slower growth so far this year remains well above the 6% trend;

• Between the end of 2009 and July this year air travel expanded at an above-trend annualized rate of 8% and air freight by 17%;

• The geographic pattern of traffic is shifting with more recent gains benefiting European and North American airlines, rather than those in Asia-Pacific and Latin America;

• The patterns are being driven by improved corporate profits, strong business confidence, capital spending, trade and business travel;

• Due to high unemployment and consumer debt, leisure travel remains a weak spot in the current situation and outlook;

• The other development of significance is that capacity is now returning at a similar pace to increases in demand;

• Passenger load factors and freight load factors have seen no further trend improvement in 2010 as a result, all the gains came in 2009;

• There is clearly a risk of developing excess capacity, however, the published schedules suggest stabilization of load factors during the rest of 2010 rather than a deterioration.

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