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Date de publication: 6 sept. 2010
Auteur: MPE
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Le dernier rapport IATA sur l'activité Cargo est plutôt largement positif. Comme toute l'activité transport aérien, la crise semble passée !

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Résumé officiel

- Economic uncertainties growing but current cargo market conditions positive;

- International air freight markets in July rose to level 4% higher than pre-recession peak;

- However, growth has now moved into a slower phase, albeit more evenly spread geographically and still above trend;

- All key indicators for air freight are pointing to slower growth from now on (though not 'double-dip');

- Cargo yields up 25% in Q2 but not on all trade lanes and still 10% or more below pre-recession levels;

- Fuel costs moving sideways in $ terms but weak Euro raising costs for Europeans and some concern over labour costs;

- Capacity is now coming back into the market and new deliveries next year threaten downward pressure on load factors and yields;

- Ocean freight also experiencing strong demand with yields up 80% - fall in Baltic Index due to more capacity not lower world trade;

- Cargo profitability back to pre-recession levels for US cargo airlines and likely more positive in Asia;

- Heads of cargo remained very positive about volume outlook, less so on yields, in July survey.

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