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Date de publication: 20 oct. 2010
Auteur: YB
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L'IATA a publié son rapport mensuel "Business Confidence Survey", lequel confirme la reprise du trafic aérien.

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Points clés du rapport d'octobre :

  • Results from IATA's quarterly survey conducted in October show business conditions continued to improve during the third quarter. However, while confidence going forward remains generally high, some concerns about 2011 are evident. Over 77% of respondents reported improved profitability during the last quarter on the back of strong revenues and cost control. The outlook for the 12 months ahead remains positive, although the prospect of only modest economic growth next year is dampening the mood somewhat. In September IATA revised up its forecast for 2010 industry profits to US$8.9 billion but issued a more subdued US$5.3 billion outlook for 2011.
  • Both cargo and passenger demand continued to improve during the third quarter of this year. Increases in passenger demand were reported by 70% of respondents and, on the cargo side of the business, more than three-quarters reported increases. Expectations for further improvements in demand over the 12 months ahead are still high but look to be moderating rather than accelerating given the economic outlook and that the restocking activity which stimulated freight traffic has drawn to a close.
  • Yields are reported to have increased by the majority of respondents in Q3 driven by increased demand, improving premium/economy mix and relatively tight demand-supply conditions. The outlook for further yield improvement has dipped back, although still remains positive. Capacity is returning to markets at an accelerating pace and, combined with moderating demand growth, could see yield growth flatten out. Factors such as increasing aircraft utilization have offset the higher fuel prices faced by some and helped to keep unit costs relatively stable. Respondents, on balance, see this stability continuing over the 12 months ahead.
  • Industry employment stayed fairly steady in Q3. Some airlines are hiring in response to expanding operating but many continue to restructure and seek productivity improvements before taking on new staff. The outlook for the next 12 months is for expansion in employment, although seeking further productivity gains will remain a high priority for airlines.

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