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Date de publication: 26 nov. 2010
Auteur: YB
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L'IATA a publié son rapport mensuel sur le trafic aérien pour le mois de septembre 2010 dans lequel elle confirme sa croissance.

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Points clés du rapport :

  • Another month of solid growth in international air travel in October, with little sign of a slowdown as yet;
  • Air travel volumes (RPKs) were 10.1% higher than October last year, down on the 10.7% increase in September purely due to the strong rise last year;
  • Airlines in Europe and North America continue to see their traffic strengthen, driven by business travel, after lagging behind the earlier recovery of airlines in Asia and S America;
  • Air freight also grew strongly between September and October but, once seasonal factors are excluded, remains 5% down on the peak reached in May as the boost from business inventory building ends;
  • World trade and business confidence remains strong so air freight should continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace than the immediate post-recession rebound;
  • Capacity in passenger markets grew more slowly than the rise in traffic during October, taking passenger load factors back up to record levels and reversing the slide from the previous peak in February;
  • This implies that supply-demand conditions may be tightening once more and providing supportive conditions for airline yields;
  • In the freight business there was an improvement in October but load factors are still 3% points down on their May high, as capacity is entering the freight market at a faster rate;
  • October was clearly a strong start to Q4 and, despite the financial turmoil in Europe, conditions look good for further gains during the rest of the quarter.

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