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Date de publication: 7 oct. 2011
Auteur: Y.B.
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La Commodity Futures Trading Commission a publié le discours de son commissionnaire Bart Chilton sur ce qu'il appelle le retour à la réglementation.

Extrait :

It’s good to be with you today. Thanks for having me. Thanks especially to Greg Mocek for the invitation. Greg was the CFTC’s able Director of the Division of Enforcement when I arrived at the Agency in 2007. I remember the first time I visited him in his office. His walls were covered in framed news clippings of all the great cases we had prosecuted while he was Director. All those things should probably be displayed in some criminal justice museum or something.

And, I want you to know, we are carrying on your great work, Greg. Just today, it was announced that our Division of Enforcement brought 99 enforcement actions in the last fiscal year. That’s more than ever. And more than ever it’s a sign of how closely markets need to be policed. These cases included fraud, manipulation, Ponzi schemes, trading abuses and other violations of the Commodity Exchange Act. I think that especially when the economy is shaky, the swindlers swarm, but we are catching them and keeping our markets safer as a result.

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