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Date de publication: 19 oct. 2011
Auteur: Y.B.
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IATA, l'association internationale du transport aérien, a publié son traffic premium monitor pour le mois d'août 2011.

Points clés :

  • There was a sharp fall during August in the number of passengers travelling on premium seats, following unexpectedly robust growth in the second quarter;
  • The level of premium travel was just 2.3% up on the previous year in August, compared with 7.5% in July;
  • Economy travel was not as severely affected, declining from growth of 5.5% to 3.7%, which probably reflects some switching of seat class by business passengers;
  • Premium travel has now fallen back to the levels of the fourth quarter of last year;
  • These lower levels are consistent with the decline in international trade and business confidence seen in recent months, which is now generating a fall in business travel;
  • The major source of weakness appears to be Europe, where economic conditions and business confidence have deteriorated sharply;
  • Within-Europe and the North Atlantic markets saw the sharpest falls in premium traffic during August;
  • By contrast some premium markets, such as within Far East market, remained strong as structural gains in regional trade boosted business travel;
  • However, the fall in business confidence has been widespread, including India and China, pointing to a further slowdown in air travel in the months ahead.

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