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Date de publication: 2 nov. 2011
Auteur: Y. B.
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IATA, l'Association internationale du transport aérien, a publié son "AIR TRANSPORT MARKET ANALYSIS" pour le mois de septembre 2011 et observe des indications contradictoires du traffic passager et du fret.

Points clés :

  • Air travel and air freight markets diverged sharply in September, with air freight pulled lower by deteriorating economic conditions, but air travel rose strongly.
  • Worldwide RPKs flown in September  were 5.6% higher than a year ago, compared with 4.6% in August.  We were expecting the start of the weaker trend in travel, after the fall in August, but the rebound in September took RPKs back to trend growth.
  • Air freight tells a different story.  In September worldwide FTKs flown were 2.7% lower than last year.  Air freight volumes had stopped growing for the 12 months to the second quarter.  In the third quarter there was a significant decline in air freight markets, as the chart below shows.
  • The rise in air travel was broad-based in September, across domestic and international markets. The recovery in Japan’s domestic market faltered but there were strong increases in China and India.  On international markets the strongest performances were registered by airlines from Latin America and, despite the Eurozone crisis, from Europe.
  • The further decline in air freight was dominated by falls in Europe and Asia-Pacific, reflecting the crisis in many European economies and knock-on effects of weakness in Western economies for manufacturers in Asia.
  • Domestic air freight was unchanged.  The decline in international air freight reflects a broader deterioration in international trade.

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