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Date de publication: 16 janv. 2012
Auteur: Y. B.
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NYSE-Euronext a publié un communiqué dans lequel il annonce le maintien de son leadership dans les trackers.

Points clés :

  • In the European markets, all-time high turnover volumes for ETFs & ETVs and over 65,000 new certificates and warrants listings in 2011
  • NYSE Arca listed nearly 300 new ETPs in 2011,  a new record
  • Over $1 trillion in combined listed assets under management on NYSE Arca, more than any U.S. exchange group-

Résumé :

NYSE Euronext (NYX) today announced that it led the market in Exchange Traded Products (ETP) listings with more than 450 new ETN, ETF and ETV listings globally in 2011. Over 65,000 new certificates and warrants were also listed in the European markets of NYSE Euronext. NYSE Arca, its fully electronic U.S. market, reported nearly 300 new ETP listings in 2011 -- setting a new record compared to 220 new products in 2010. On its European markets, ETF turnover volume [1] reached an all-time high of €117 billion, an increase of 17% compared to 2010.   

In the U.S., NYSE Arca listed nearly 300 new ETPs, including the launch of nine new active Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from issuers, and 70% and 110% respective increases from 2010 in new listings of Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) and Exchange Traded Vehicles (ETVs).  Of the nearly 300 new listings, NYSE Arca added 201 ETFs, 77 ETNs and 19 ETVs. Combined assets under management for NYSE Arca-listed ETPs increased 5% from December 2010 to reach $1 trillion, far more than any other U.S. exchange group.

In 2011, ETPs industry-wide reached $80 billion in consolidated turnover volume[1] and now represent approximately 32% of all U.S. equity trading in traded value, an increase of nearly 2% from 2010. There are currently 1,284 NYSE Arca-listed ETPs comprised of 1,005 ETFs, 203 ETNs, and 76 ETVs.

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