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Date de publication: 9 févr. 2012
Auteur: Y. B.
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La Commodity Futures Trading Commission a publié un communiqué dans lequel elle annonce qu'elle accuse le Texan Christopher B. Cornett de fraude sur le FOREX.

Introduction :

According to the CFTC complaint, filed on February 2, 2012, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, from at least June 2008 through at least October 2011, Cornett solicited prospective pool participants to provide funds for a pooled investment in forex. Cornett acted as the manager and operator of the pool, which was referred to at various times as ITLDU, ICM, International Forex Management, LLC and/or IFM, LLC. In soliciting prospective pool participants for the forex pool, Cornett allegedly falsely told prospective pool participants that, while there were weeks when Cornett either lost money or broke even trading forex, Cornett had never experienced a losing month or a losing year trading forex.

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