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Date de publication: 7 mai 2012
Auteur: Y B
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Le site project-syndicate.org a publié l'article de Kenneth Rogoff, professeur d'économie à l'Université d'Harvard et récipiendaire du Prix 2011 de la Deutsche Bank en économie financière, sur l'importance de la flexibilité du Yuan.

L'article est intitulé "Why a More Flexible Renminbi Still Matters".

Introduction :

One of the most notable macroeconomic developments in recent years has been the sharp drop in China’s current-account surplus. The International Monetary Fund is now forecasting a 2012 surplus of just 2.3% of GDP, down from a pre-crisis peak of 10.1% of GDP in 2007, owing largely to a decline in China’s trade surplus – that is, the excess of the value of Chinese exports over that of its imports.

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CommentsThe drop has been a surprise to the many pundits and policy analysts who view China’s sustained massive trade surpluses as prima facie evidence that government intervention has been keeping the renminbi far below its unfettered “equilibrium” value. Does the dramatic fall in China’s surplus call that conventional wisdom into question? Should the United States, the IMF, and other players stop pressing China to move to a more flexible currency regime ?

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