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Date de publication: 31 mai 2012
Auteur: Y B
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L'IATA, l'Association internationale du transport aérien a publié son "AIR TRANSPORT MARKET ANALYSIS" pour le mois d'avril 2012 et observe une poursuite de la croissance du marché du transport aérien.

Points clés :

  • Air travel markets expanded further in April, with passenger demand increasing 6.1% on a year ago;
  • Demand for air travel has shown no signs of a slowdown, with the monthly trend indicating air travel is increasing at a 6% annualized rate, above the 20-year trend;
  • Air freight is also now trending upwards - boosted by increases in US consumer confidence and business confidence, air cargo has increased at a 4% annualized rate since the end of 2011;
  • However, owing to the decline in 2011, the level of FTKs in April was down 4.2% on April last year;
    Middle Eastern airlines have benefited most from the improvement in air freight demand, capturing 80% of the growth in air freight between November 2011 and April 2012;
  • Conversely, air freight carried by Asia/Pacific airlines, the largest share of the air cargo market, has continuing to show weakness into 2012;
  • On domestic passenger markets, China’s domestic travel reflected the slowdown seen more widely in the economy, with the lowest rate of growth in April since early 2011, increasing 6.3% year-on-year;
    In Japan, domestic travel has not yet recovered from the earthquake of mid-March 2011, with April levels still 8% below those before the earthquake;
  • On international markets, traffic growth in the Middle East has started to pick up pace, with air travel expanding 16% in April compared to the same month last year, after having softened in the second half of 2011;
  • Load factors continue to rise, with seasonally adjusted passenger load factors reaching record highs in April;
  • Air cargo load factors were down slightly in April, but the levels are still above the lows in the fourth quarter of 2011;
  • Over the next few months, air travel and air freight markets are likely to see further support from improvements in business and consumer confidence (except in Europe where economic conditions are deteriorating).

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