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Date de publication: 19 sept. 2012
Auteur: Y B
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L'IATA, l'Association internationale du transport aérien a publié son "PREMIUM TRAFFIC MONITOR" pour le mois de juillet 2012.

Elle constate que la seconde moitié de l'année 2012 a commencé avec de nouveaux signes de faiblesse dans le marché du voyage aérien.

Le nombre de passagers PREMIUM est en baisse de 0,5% au mois de juillet 2012 comparé au même mois un an plus tôt.

Points clés :

  • The second half of 2012 began with further signs of weakness in air travel markets;
  • The premium travel market contracted 0.5% in July compared to a year ago, after expanding by 4.3% in June;
  • The number of economy class passengers was 3.0% larger in July year-on-year, but significantly down on the June growth of 6.2%;
  • These growth rates, however, were likely affected by the start of Ramadan in late July, which commenced a month earlier than in 2011;
  • We expect air travel growth would have been about a percentage point higher in July without the impact of the holiday;
  • Nonetheless, the seasonally adjusted levels of premium passenger numbers made no progress in July compared to June;
  • The decline in business confidence and the slowdown of world trade are likely to have reduced premium class travel in recent months, particularly in markets connected to Europe;
  • Premium travel within Europe and across the North Atlantic show persisting weakness, contracting 3.5% and 2.4% compared to a year ago, respectively;
  • Air travel markets elsewhere expanded overall, but there was slower growth on some routes in July compared to June;
  • Premium travel across the North and Mid Pacific, which had been averaging near double-digit growth throughout H1 2012, increased just 2.9% in July;
  • In coming months, the degree of weakness in air travel, particularly in premium markets, is likely to intensify as business confidence signals decline and conditions in Europe remain bleak;
  • There is also a possibility, given early signs of softness in July on some routes, that the weakness in Europe could spread to other markets.

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