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Date de publication: 24 sept. 2012
Auteur: Y B
Noter cette article :

La fondation pour les Technologies de l'information et de l'Innovation a publié un rapport très complet sur le redressement de la compétitivité des secteurs marchands aus États-Unis.

Selon ce rapport, les États-Unis ont besoin de mettre rapidement en œuvre une stratégie globale visant à accroitre la compétitivité des secteurs marchands autour des "4Ts” : Technology, Tax, Trade & Talent, afin de renforcer la capacité de ses entreprises à se prémunir efficacement contre la concurrence sur les marchés mondiaux.

Le document est intitulé "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Competitiveness Woes Behind : A National Traded Sector Competitiveness Strategy".

Introduction :

By definition, countries that wish to successfully compete in the global economy must have highly competitive traded sectors. A nation’s traded sector comprises those industries and establishments which compete in international marketplaces and whose output is sold at least in part to nonresidents of the nation.

Traded sectors include almost all of a nation’s manufacturing activity, some services (such as software, Internet, and engineering services, and entertainment content like music, movies, and video games), and some of the extraction sectors (e.g., farming or mining).1 Because these industries face market competition that is global in nature in a way that non-traded, local-serving industries (e.g., retail trade or personal services) do not, their success is by no means assured.

For example, while we may not know whether Safeway, Giant, or Walmart are going to gain market share in the U.S. grocery store industry, we do know that the industry itself will be healthy, dependent only on the income and purchasing habits of American consumers.

On the other hand, while we may not know whether Boeing or Airbus are going to gain market share in the global aircraft industry, we also do not know whether there will be aviation industry jobs in the United States, since this depends on the United States winning in global competition in this industry. Put differently, if a grocer goes out of business another will emerge to take its place to serve local demand, but if a traded sector enterprise such as a manufacturer or software company closes, the one that takes its place may well be located in another country.

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