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Date de publication: 20 févr. 2013
Auteur: Y B
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L'IATA, l'Association internationale du transport aérien a publié son "PREMIUM TRAFFIC MONITOR" pour le mois de décembre 2012.

Selon le rapport, le trafic premium en hausse pourrait confirmer la fin de la crise mondiale.

Au mois de décembre 2012, le trafic Premium a connu une croissance de 4,5% par rapport au même mois un an plus tôt.
Le nombre de passagers en classe économique a également augmenté (+4,2 %) au mois de décembre 2012, mais de façon moins importante qu'au mois de novembre dernier (+6 %).

IATA prévoit que la croissance du trafic Premium se situera aux alentours de 4,8% en 2013.

Points clés :

  • Premium traffic was 4.5% higher in December compared to a year ago, in line with the solid November result of 4.4%;
  • Economy class passenger numbers were up 4.2% in December, a slowdown on the November growth of 6.0%;
  • During 2012, expansion in air travel slowed from the faster growth trend seen in late 2011 and early 2012, with the Eurozone crisis suppressing demand;
  • Nonetheless, for the year as a whole premium travel expanded 4.8%, only slightly down on 2011 when the market grew 5.4%;
  • The slightly weaker growth has contributed to a slow and continuing loss of premium market share since early 2011;
  • This coincides with the decline in business confidence at that time and suggests some shift by business travelers to cheaper seats;
  • Economy international travel grew at a strong rate of 5.9% in 2012, and in fact improved on 2011 growth of 4.7%;
  • Among the major markets, air travel across the North Atlantic and within Europe experienced most decline in 2012;
  • By contrast, in emerging regions where countries experienced solid economic growth we saw continued strength in air travel demand;
  • Looking forward, downward pressure on air travel markets appears to be easing as business confidence continues to improve.

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